Let’s Get Things Cookin’

Hello World! That’s what your supposed to say when you christen a web blog right? WordPress is very insistent of it and will make sure it’s the first thing you see. I said it guys, back off now ok? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Creatives have a pathological need to be validated. We need to know that our work is valued, but also simply that people acknowledge it’s existence. If your excited about something you tell others. You start to tell people and their eyes immediately get glossed over. Even if it’s two to three sentences.ย  If your also designing a game or making something creative, you might be able to relate. We are programmed as humans to only process or desire the essential. I think non dreamers view something like this as fluff.ย  Find others that are also doing what you’re doing. Utah has a Board Game Designers Guildย and it has helped immensely just to be around others and have an audience.

This blog will serve three purposes:

1: Inform the public and generate buzz, if possible, about the game.

2: Give me a place to journal my thoughts and “A-hah” moments.

3: Make me seem more official. You saw that I had a website and I jumped up in respect for just a second before you read this post. What’s that? Now your leaving to go and watch YouTube? Come back!

If your making a similar journey, leave a comment below.


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